Stone FAQs

Q? Will I get to see the actual slabs my counters will be cut from?
Yes, you have the opportunity to see the entire slab(s) and voice your opinion of what you like best about the slab so that we may accentuate the best characteristics for you.

Q? Do you sub out any portion of your work?
No, our professionals complete the entire process from quoting and selection of slabs, to template, fabrication and installation.

Q? Who will template my job?
One of our two highly skilled and experienced installers actually templates your counters. That same gentleman returns to install your tops, giving you a familiar face and personality as well as bringing a familiarity of your project to the installation. We find that this sets us apart from other companies.

Q? Do you have slabs in your yard to look at or just samples?
We have over 60 different colors of marble, granite, soapstone, travertine, slate and quartz that can be viewed in slab form in our yard. We also have a full array of samples in our showroom for color selections.

Q? Will I have a seam in my kitchen?
Seams are common in many kitchens. We strive for the largest pieces a slab can yield without seams wherever possible. Access into the home and transporting the pieces for your project will be taken into consideration when deciding if you will have a seam.

Q? Will I see the seam?
Yes, when butting two pieces of slab material together you have a visible joint. The material color is matched with a resin to bond the seam together and the counters will be leveled and flat to ensure the seam is inconspicuous. You will be able to see and fell the joint, however our talented installers produce high quality color matches and tight joints between the two pieces of stone.

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